Ivy Thomas Memorial School aims to support students in their development

Ivy Thomas Memorial School aims to support students in their intellectual, emotional, and social development throughout their Early Years, Primary, and Secondary Education. At each of these stages, while attending to each individuality, our goal is for children and teenagers to acquire and develop competences that will enable them to become individuals capable of shaping society.

Concerning intellectual development, we strive for our students to acquire the necessary skills to navigate efficiently in the 21st century. We expect them to learn how to learn, to cultivate their critical thinking and creativity, to be able to reflect and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Beyond content and areas of knowledge, we strive for them to acquire and apply high-level cognitive tools; to connect ideas, apply them, devise alternatives, and reflect upon these and other processes.

Regarding emotional and social development, our objective is for our students to nurture healthy and constructive relationships with their peers and adults, to be virtuous individuals, attuned to the needs of others, who contribute to society not only with their intellectual capacity but also with their sense of goodness, putting both into practice to effect genuine transformations.

Founded in 1959 by Elizabeth Thompson

Ivy Thomas Memorial School is a bilingual and secular school founded by Elizabeth Thompson de Borrás. It began its operations in Pocitos neighbourhood in the year 1959, in memory of Ivy Thomas, Elizabeth’s mother, who had been the owner and principal of Windsor School.

The school's growth meant the need to seek out new spaces. Consequently, in the year 2014, the second building of the Pocitos campus was inaugurated on Pedro Berro Street. These facilities provide all the necessary comforts and equipment for the school’s younger students.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for formulating all educational policies and serves as the work team that ensures unity in the management of the entire institution.

Board Members:

Ana Borrás
Mercedes Borrás
Lucía Achard
María Eugenia Amarillo
Adriana Assandri
Juan Balsa
Allen Bottrill
Magdalena De Stefani
María Muniz
Raúl Zanella

Academic Leadership Team. We work together to help our students reach their full potential

Ivy Thomas Memorial School has an academic leadership team that collaborates cohesively to achieve our proposed objectives.