Igniting a Passion for Learning

During the Early Years stage, our primary goal is to ensure that children relish their initial experiences in an educational setting, thus fostering a love for learning at a young age as they explore the world around them. We aim to stimulate their curiosity through play, respecting each child's pace and striving to create a sense of security in all environments.

Our workshops provide a setting where we nurture the development of various skills and competencies through play, creativity, and imagination.

In each of these spaces, different ideas are combined and enhanced with the diverse interests that children bring, fostering interaction among them.

They are ideal opportunities for children to encounter new opportunities to socialize and apply their interpersonal skills.

We focus on anticipating and creatively resolving emerging conflicts, helping children to develop their patience and frustration tolerance.

English in Early Years

Our aim is for children to be immersed in the language. This way, they acquire it naturally through play and routines. During this reception stage, each child incorporates the language at their own pace, understanding the overall message beyond just vocabulary.

Artistic-Creative Workshop

Our aim is to nurture the child's creativity and spontaneity through their emerging interests and the exploration of neutral materials or specific triggers such as stories, images, and songs. We emphasize the value of the construction process, providing support and guidance at each stage in a playful environment.

Mini Tennis

Our aim is for children to learn how to play this sport using rackets, nets, and balls tailored for "mini tennis" players, focusing on body and hand-eye coordination. The game serves as a valuable vehicle to train concentration, patience, and discipline, all of which will enable us to achieve our goals.


We focus on developing our students' abilities, fostering their self-assurance, while progressing towards specific swimming techniques. Our goal is to encourage autonomy while respecting rules of interaction and learning to care for materials and surroundings.

Petit Gourmet Workshop

In this workshop, children have the chance to enjoy the experience of cooking together, slicing, mixing, and peeling a variety of foods that are incorporated in different menus. With the guidance of the Petit Gourmet team, they prepare lunch or a snack that everyone then shares.

Sensory-Stimulating Areas which encourage Play

During early childhood, spaces for play and exploration are vital components of learning. Our environments are designed to facilitate learning through play and to provide opportunities for enriching experiences shared with others.