The Significance of the Primary Stage

Throughout the Primary stage, our aim is to consolidate cognitive, social, and emotional processes.

On the emotional and social fronts, we prepare and support children through each stage of their growth, helping them understand themselves, strengthen relationships, learn conflict resolution, cultivate sensitivity, and demonstrate a willingness to assist those in need.

Intellectually, we strive for them to learn how to learn, to be motivated by challenges, and to tolerate frustration as a natural part of an effective learning process.

We work to instill a sense of dedication and commitment in them, both towards themselves and their personal learning journey, as well as towards collective learning.

English, a vehicle for intellectual development

We view the English language as a vehicle for intellectual development across all stages. Beyond acquiring the linguistic skills necessary to master a second language, our aim is for children and teenagers to use English as a vehicle for thought; learning, reflecting, and thinking in English just as they do in Spanish.

We expect that when playing sports, each of our children and teenagers will evolve into the best version of themselves. We strive for them to acquire both generic and discipline-specific athletic abilities. We encourage teamwork, a sense of belonging to the institution, discipline, and commitment to themselves and their teams.

Steam –Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math–

We cultivate, among various skills for learning, creative thinking, curiosity, and problem-solving. By adopting this approach, through STEAM we encourage each student to understand the world around them from a comprehensive perspective, aiming to apply diverse tools and integrate knowledge. This allows them to experience the value of interdisciplinary collaboration in the pursuit of solutions.

Art: Nurturing Creative Sensitivity

We make use of the power of music and the arts as tools to engage and enhance our students, fostering not only their artistic skills but also their sensitivity. Through performing arts, we also cultivate the acquisition of diverse skills which promote teamwork.

Technological Innovation: the Present and the Future

The integration of technological tools into education is an integral part of our daily efforts.

We work to ensure our students feel comfortable with the use of new technologies, becoming responsible and proficient users.

Our institution offers connectivity across all areas and a mobile classroom equipped with iPads for exclusive use of our Primary groups.

We support our endeavors with invaluable tools such as Loqueleo Digital, which fosters intensive and extensive reading skills, and ELdeS, a platform for Sign Language instruction.

Our Campuses: Facilities Thoughtfully Designed for Children

Each of our campuses features classrooms equipped to cater to the needs of each group. Additionally, there are computer labs, libraries, and gymnasiums.

Our Horneros campus is located within the school's sports field, featuring a football pitch, a hockey field, and the necessary equipment for track and field activities.