A pivotal stage for the consolidation of habits, skills, and competences

During secondary education, we aim to enhance the abilities, skills, and attitudes of our students, so that they can become agents of change. We want them to be committed and proactive, as well as reflexive about their actions. We help them to develop their intrapersonal skills, so they can unleash their full potential.

Intellectually, while respecting the characteristics of each individual, we strive for them to excel in critical, creative, and integrative thinking. Interpersonally, we encourage them to cultivate strong and constructive relationships, to be trustworthy, responsible, and sensitive.

We want each one to find and develop their leadership skills, always attentive to the needs of others and their environment. We encourage them to be critical, efficient and responsible in handling digital information and communication technologies.

English. Ivy Thomas is recognized as a Cambridge International School

The curriculum design and pedagogy developed by Cambridge programmes prepare students for life, fostering their natural curiosity and passion for learning, always placing them at the centre of the teaching-learning process.

Our students take the Cambridge Pathway, completing the Cambridge Primary and IGCSE programmes. In Secondary, we value deep disciplinary knowledge, conceptual understanding, and higher-order thinking skills. This cultivates confident, self-responsible workers; reflective individuals honing learning and metacognition; innovative minds for future challenges; and socially committed individuals, ready to make a difference.

In secondary school, in addition to regular class hours, students train in athletics, volleyball, soccer, and hockey.

The school is affiliated with the Liga Intercolegial Deportiva (LID) and the Asociación Deportiva de Integración Colegial (ADIC), participating throughout the year in tournaments, matches, and friendly competitions.

These events are important as they motivate our students to overcome challenges, to know their limits, to face and manage frustrations, to value teamwork and not to give up.

Technological Innovation, the Present, and the Future

Ivy Thomas Memorial School is committed to using technology in education as a tool to broaden learning opportunities. The use of technology facilitates access to information, content generation, and collaborative work, a vital characteristic for our 21st-century students. Secondary students have an iPad device throughout their schooling, as part of an institutional project that began in 2013.

Our grounds and facilities foster a sense of belonging

During adolescence, spaces play a crucial role in encounters and exchanges with others. We aim for our environments to foster our students' social development.